The Specialties

  • chorizo_de_la_garrotxa

    Chorizo de la Garrotxa

    The classic Spanish salami from the Sierra, with mild pimenton, aromatic but not spicy.

    WEIGHT: 100g e
    SHELF-LIFE: 75 days
  • Delizie in Tavola | Pastrami

    New York Pastrami

    A deli meat made from beef brisket seasoned with various herbs and spices (garlic, coriander seeds, black pepper, paprika, cloves, allspices), then smoked and steamed. The recipe and the word Pastrami originate from Armenia.

    WEIGHT: 100g .
    SHELF-LIFE: 45 days
  • FIOR_DI_FETTE_jamon

    Jamón Serrano stg

    There is nothing more Spanish than jamón Serrano, a flavorful, natural ham, cured and matured in the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of Garrotxa (Spain). Serve as a ‘Tapa’ with cheese and olives, or in your favorite Spanish recipe. The product is available “ruffled” or “interleaved”.

    WEIGHT: 100g e.
    SHELF-LIFE: 90 days