For 50 years, the company produces genuine deli meat products, rich in taste and tradition.

The company and its large range of products has become  a market leader for all the customers who needs specific solutions according with changing in consumers habits.

Traditional products, cooked or matured whole or half vacuum packed and innovative products  Italian salami “diced” or “slicedfor the retail and catering (Ho.Re.Ca.) functional, practical and ready-to-eat without giving up Quality and Typicality.

All products are free of gluten, lactose and milk proteins, polyphosphates and glutamates.
  • DelizieinTavola
    DELIZIE IN TAVOLA – Buoni e Italiani

    “Buoni e Italiani”, a brand that brings the quality of the completely range of the Italian deli meat products.
    The range is available whole, portioned, diced or sliced.
  • FiordiParma

    A brand that brings and binds the products to the region: the secular traditional deli meat products combined with high quality raw materials, for a unique and unmistakable flavor.
  • ilTaglieredeiFormaggi
  • Furlotti Cheese! - Snack

    A brand created for those looking for a quick, energy snack and, at the same time, creative and enjoyable. For “who with a smile, taste the life”. Ideal for a quick lunch, vending machine and on-board catering (for train, plane and ship).