Flavors, fragrances and values ​​of a territory to discover

Furlotti Territorio
At  the foot of the green hills of Parma, in a wide plain crossed by rivers and trees, there is  Medesano, a village whose origins are lost in the mists of time: we are in the heart of  “Food Valley“, where soil fertility, traditions and men’s initiative have favored the development of food excellences in the respect of traditions jealously guarded over the centuries until today.

Nature, Culture an History  combine food and wine, “go for castles” or lost to the discovery of “fortified villages” are joined to discover the “food excellences” of the territory in a sensory experience: traditional sausages, Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano join mushroom, mountain bread, herb and potato cake, chestnuts and berries becoming protagonists of interesting food and wine tours

The area offers interesting opportunities: visit the  Food museums, the route through the hills of Parma and Piacenza to discover the Ducal castles and the via Francigena