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The Furlotti & C. roll Pancetta with black pepper

Furlotti & C presents another historical products of the company: the “roll Pancetta with black pepper” is made with Italian pork heavy, with completely artisanal method: the fresh Pancetta without rind and slightly defatted is salted by hand and seasoned with a mix of spices and garlic. After a period of rest in salted the Pancetta is tied, and finally rolled on a bed of freshly ground black pepper then stuffed into casings and left to age for at least 60 days.

The coverage of black pepper gives the Pancetta a strong flavor but not spicy and a sophisticated look. The long curing makes the Pancetta sweet and savory at the same time ensuring a soft texture.
It is a very popular product from consumers and demanding gourmets that lends itself to a multitude of uses in the kitchen: thinly sliced ​​as an appetizer on “crostini” and “bruschetta”, but also as an ingredient to give a touch of character to pasta dishes, omelets, rolls and quiche.
This product is available whole or half ​​vacuum packed and sliced ​​in preformed tray. For more information please visit our online catalog.