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Respect for Environment and People, now and in the future, the focus on ‘sustainability’ is getting stronger. Ethical principles and demanding consumers have also pushed Furlotti & C to be ever more Global Responsibility: achieve this ambitious goal means, at the same time, be careful to economic sustainability (profitability and competitiveness), to environmental sustainability (respect the environment and minimize the ecological footprint) and to social sustainability (respect the rights of people within the company, of supply chain, of customers and local community).

Furlotti&C has started its journey towards Sustainability with the ISO14001 and EMAS certification of its production sites, which has enabled the company to develop the protection and respect for the environment through continuous improvement of production processes. This commitment has continued achieving the OHSAS 18001 “Safety at Work”, to ensure their employees to work in the best conditions, and was completed with the SA8000 in Social Accountability, which will allow the company to become a “social institution” increasing its value, reinforcing its identity, improving the quality, producing  “share capital”.

This is the first step because the challenge goes, be compliant with the rules is not enough, you have to look and go beyond to trigger a variety of positive behaviors that affect business processes in their totality: Furlotti & C, in this direction, has launched a major project that will lead to the preparation of the Sustainability Report, a first concrete act for the measurement and enhancement of the initiatives promoted.