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The Furlotti & C. tip to Canada

For Furlotti & C. opens up new business opportunities, by obtaining certification that Canada will be operational by next July 3.
Canada is an attractive market for Italian companies, for trading volumes and for the logistics opportunities offered by the country.

In particular, in recent years, the Canadian market has given important results to manufacturers of sausages.
While buying the sausages in Europe grew by only 1, 3% in volume, shipments to Canada (as well as that from other extra European countries such as the USA, Japan, Russia) increased by over 10%.

The company is now prepared to meet importers in the context of B2B initiatives and participate in trade shows to present to insiders its product catalog.
For Furlotti, the opening to the Canadian market is part of an international project undertaken a few years ago.
The company is already present in the following third countries: Brazil, Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, New Caledonia, South Africa, Malaysia, Lebanon and Sierra Leone and now Canada and Russia.