“FURLOTTI BIO”: the organic product range: tasting the health!

Furlotti&C always attentive to the consumer’s needs, looking for quality and time-saving product presents the new range of organic product:

Furlotti BIO” is a selection of organic deli meat products made with meat from animals reared without the use of routine drugs, antibiotics and growth promoters and with high consideration for animal welfare. Farmers are encouraged to use natural remedies and homeopathy to treat sick animals.

This freedom of movement, combined with the highest standards of animal welfare and an organic diet, ensures the meat has a naturally mature flavour and fine texture

Sustainable farming, based on quality, animal welfare, link with territory, health and pleasure for the consumer.
Our range of organic products is ever-increasing and includes the big excellence of Food Valley, such as Prosciutto di Parma PDO and Mortadella Bologna PGI as well as “High Quality” Cooked Ham , Salami Milano and Roast Turkey.
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