for 4 people:

  • 300g desalted cod

  • 200g extravergine olive oil

  • 150g chopped pistachios

  • No. 2 whole eggs

  • 50g flour

  • No. 4 campanina apples

  • No. 4 slices of Furlotti & C. Parma Ham

  • No. 2 leaves of salad

  • Salt as much as you like


  • Cook the cod in boiling water for 4 minutes; drain and stir into the blender with the oil and a pinch of salt until they form a froth.
  • When the fish is cold, roll into balls, flour and dip in the beaten eggs, and finally in the chopped pistachios; bake the cod balls at 170 degrees for 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile bake 4 slices of Parma Ham on baking paper until they are crispy.
  • Cut the campanina apple in half and fill with slice of crispy Parma Ham.
  • Serve by placing the center the dumpling, around the salad leaves, and the fill campanina apple with Parma Ham on top of the dumpling, supported by three toothpicks.


  • Chef: Matteo Ugolotti

    Matteo Ugolotti is the chef of Trattoria Ai Due Platani, a sure point of reference for the traditional Emilian cuisine. The success of Trattoria Ai Due Platani is not just about the expert hands of the chef, but also the moderation, the calm and  attentive service that makes you feel at ease, as if I were at home among friends. Excellent the traditional Deli meat product and pasta dishes. Matteo has won three times in succession the “National Challenge pumpkin tortelli” of Slow Food Emilia-Romagna and from September to February you can find the precious pumpkin.

    Ai Due Platani – Via Budellungo, 104/A – Coloreto (Parma) – 0521.645626