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Connect. Source. Grow. PLMA 2024 in Amsterdam! 28-29 Maggio 2024

Private Label Manufacturers Association 2024


Participation in the PLMA 2024 (Private Label Manufacturers Association) exhibition represents a significant opportunity for manufacturers and distributors in the private label industry. This event, which will take place from 28-29 May 2024 in Amsterdam, is recognised as one of the leading events for the private label industry worldwide.

PLMA 2024 will offer a unique platform where companies from all over the world can present their products, meet new customers and form strategic alliances. With over 2,500 exhibitors and visitors from more than 120 countries, the event will cover a wide range of sectors, including food, beverages, home and personal care products.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest market trends, product innovations and marketing strategies that are shaping the future of private labels. Networking sessions and informative seminars will be highlights, providing insights into how to optimise the supply chain, improve sustainability and meet growing consumer expectations.

In addition, the fair will be an important showcase for start-ups and small businesses looking to emerge in a competitive market. Attending PLMA 2024 will enable them to gather immediate feedback on their products and establish valuable contacts with key decision-makers in the industry.

In conclusion, attending PLMA 2024 is not only a way to exhibit products, but also an opportunity to gain critical knowledge, build lasting relationships and position your company at the forefront of the private label industry.