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After summer time and many hours outdoors is nice to restart the activities in the city with a greater focus on health. Organic food has been considered as synonymous of healthy food, genuine and sustainably.
In order to satisfy the consumers attentive to everything is natural and sustainable, Furlotti & C. proposes its “Organic” range. The brand is a collection of specialties manufactured with selected meat from farms that respect the animal welfare, pigs left to graze freely in large green areas and fed with Organic feed. The animals are also treated with homeopathic and herbal, and grew in environments eco-friendly and sustainably.
Furlotti & C. offers a wide range of  “Organic” products, sliced and packed in  trays use-friendly, for every palate: dry cured ham, Parma ham, bacon, cooked ham, mortadella, salami Milano, Coppa, salami Napoli, roast turkey and bresaola. A riot of flavors that winks to the nature! Check the website to learn more: http://www.furlotti.com/furlotti-bio/