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Furlotti launches the Pastrami Beef!

Furlotti&C launches a new delicious product of Middle Eastern origin, but much appreciated by the gourmets from overseas: the Pastrami Beef.

This delight has landed in the West after traveling thousands of miles: the original recipe, in fact, comes from the Balkans where were a meal typical of the local Jewish cuisine.

The product consists of “brisket” beef brined with a mix of herbs and spices (garlic, coriander, black pepper, paprika, cloves and allspice), then lightly smoked and steamed.

It can be eaten sliced, cut into strips for salad dressings or to enrich pasta.

This product is widely used in the United States as “street food” or as a filling for sandwiches, accompanied by cucumber, cheese and spicy sauce or mustard.

The “Pastrami Sandwich” is the favorite of Woody Allen, who has mentioned several times in the film “Broadway Danny Rose“: some scenes were shot at the Carnegie Deli on the 7th Avenue in New York City, the Temple of Pastrami Beef.

Furlotti & C propose Pastrami Beef whole or sliced, packed in convenient trays ready for use.