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From the 21st to the 25th October 2018, Paris becomes the international capital of agri-food business at the biennial International Food Exhibition, the SIAL, which, as well as ANUGA, is the most important tradeshow of Agri-Food Industry in Europe. It is a strategic tool for international industry of the food, the barycentre for the present in the world of food and the inspiration of development for the whole Agri-food business, from raw materials to processing and dispensing equipment. The SIAL represents the first global network of exhibitions with an unrivalled geographic coverage: the Europe and the World, the North America, the South America, the Middle-East and the Asia.

The tradeshow has opened in a big way with 7.200 exhibitors coming from 119 Countries, 125 official delegations and 160.000 expected professionals, the 70% of whom coming from all over the world. Spotlights are always focused on innovation: at Sial Innovation 2.355 products are presented by 1.193 companies, 801 of which are from French Exhibitions. New, intensive and natural flavours are used as tools thanks to which the consumer can enjoy different “unforgettable experiences of tasting”. Many international food trends were highlighted in this edition, for example the “rediscovery of the pleasure of taste” for all global traditions and the “authenticity of the product”. This year, the themes of wellness and sustainability will be sources of inspiration for a closer attention to quality, nutritional value and production methods; this is also configured for dealing the new market trends, which point to impose food and tastes coming from all over the world.

Italy is one of more than 100 country around the world represented at SIAL 2018. It’s also in the second position for number of participating companies, thanks to its more than 800 exhibitors, who brought their agri-food excellence, occupying 21 exhibition sectors at the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte. In fact, Italy is the fifth major exporter in food products in France: its distribution network is one of the most important destination for Italian products. In 2017 France has imported around EUR 4 billion of Italian Food products, increasing food import from Italy by 8.4% compared to 2016.

SIAL is a good showcase for the Made-in-Parma excellent products: our aims are to promote our brand and our quality products and to build new alliances. Our participation is also fundamental to find trends already in action on topic of Food. In Paris, the parmesan agri-food business is strength with EUR 753 million in global export in the first six months in 2018: food export corresponds to 21,7% of the total provincial export. The best sectors are ham and charcuterie (+2% compared to the first semester of 2017), milling industry (+9%) and oil, vegetable and animal fats (+24%). Moreover, for the entire 2017, the transalpine country has represented the first destination for the parmesan food export.

At SIAL 2018 a whole area is dedicated to “Alternative Food”, that means to Healthy, Eco-sustainable and Biologic Food. The 2018 novelty is the “Sial Innovation”, event addressed to the different global food trends: in fact, there are more than 2.500 new products for a cuisine focused to the excellence.


Come and visit our stand at SIAL in Paris from the 21st to the 25th October 2018! You could taste one of today’s delicious specials cooked by the Italian Chef Fabio Feccia with our best products!


For more info, visit SIAL 2018 website: https://www.sialparis.com/