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The tapas are a wide variety of appetizers and snacks in Spanish cuisine: a pleasant “ritual” that once you arrive in Spain, you will find in the typical locals that fill with people who accompany the tapas with a good wine at the end of the day.

With Furlotti, today you can taste this special ham sitting at home, with friends or alone, thanks to the practical tray of 100g.
The delicate flavor of the Spanish mountains wins palate and spirit. With friends we can enjoy irresistible “bocadillos”, bruschetta with tomatoes, olive oil and salt and a few slices of Jamón Serrano. As an appetizer, cut into thin slices, it goes nicely with sangria and red wines.

The Jamón Serrano is famous for its origin: the Natural Park of the volcanic Garrotxa, a “sierra”, is a typical hill that houses the pigs. The hams are cured for about a year in a climate cool and dry. The pigs are grown outdoors in Spanish pastures and the production respects the tradition: The hams are salted, dried with the windows open in contact with the light mountain air. Since 1999, Jamón Serrano is a TSG “Traditional Specialty Guaranteed” product, recognized by the European Community.

Furlotti & C. brings on our table all the freshness of one of the most traditional flavors of Spain, combining tradition and innovation, thanks to the packaging and the portions designed to meet needs of the most demanding consumer. The company is attentive to the demands of consumers who are increasingly looking for the flavors of the local traditions of different countries.

With Furlotti the Spain is served.