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IVSI new portal: a complete window on the world of Italian cured meats

The IVSI has renewed its website, with many new graphics and content.

Health & Wellness
On the portal you can find, in addition to the values of Italian cured meats, updated to 2011 (source: INRAN – National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition – and SSICA), studies by experts and nutritionists for a balanced diet, combining the meats fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet.

Traditional dishes, recipes revisited by great chefs, such as Cristian Broglia of ALMA kitchen school. Also, anyone has the opportunity to send recipes and see them published in the dedicated space.

SalumiAmoTV and other news
The webtv SalumiAmoTv is a library that features interviews with the manufacturers of charcuterie, sausages and news reports on insights into their processing, as well as reports of specific events organized from IVSI.
‘Know salami’, a large collection of regional specialties, the initiatives for the enhancement of cold cuts in Italy and abroad, and “Reporter of Taste” the journalism award.

The Facebook page
The Facebook page, called SalumiAmo, offers anecdotes and curiosities about meats: the users can interact by exchanging tips on recipes.

In addition, the “News and Press Releases area” offers a complete window on the world of Italian delicatessen.
To access the new site click here