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Parma and its province are involved in the annual festival dedicated to the Parma Ham (September, from 6th to 22nd) and this is the better time to celebrate the ‘King of sausages’ on our table. This product is suitable for many and delicious recipes, a real pleasure for eyes and palate, manufactured in a limited territory according to ancient techniques that give at the end of ripening its sweetness world wide accepted.
‘Parma Ham’ is healthy and genuine, because free from preservatives and additives, with interesting nutritional value: low in fat, rich in minerals and vitamins: this make the king of sausages a food suitable for young and old people. Knowing the importance of this tradition and to celebrate its 50’s in the world of deli meats, Furlotti & C recently joined the company a plant in Langhirano operating since 1963 from now called ‘Furlotti Prosciutti’. The plant  among the oldest of Parma Ham Consortium, is certified for export in Brazil, Hong Kong and Japan.
The hams signed Furlotti & C. are a guarantee of quality, authenticity and taste. They are available with “bone”, deboned and sliced. Visit the webpage: http://www.furlotti.com/prodotti/prosciutto-di-parma/