About us

Our history in the name of tradition

Tradition and Innovation: this is the Vision of Furlotti&C, leading manufacturer in high-quality Deli meats and time saving products for over 50 years.

It was 1963 when Giacomo Furlotti and Camillo Utini fouded the original company in the center of Medesano, in the heart of Emilian countryside.

Giacomo and Camillo who had known for many years the secrets of sausages manufacturing, from the beginning had based their productions  on Quality and Tradition. In this way they produced every kind of pancetta, coppa di Parma and cured pork loin. The small factory soon became a plant: they added to the traditional range of products roasted ham and Porchetta too.

The sons succeeded their fathers: today Ermes and Franco Furlotti together with Alessandro Utini manage the company with the same philosophy of their fathers.

Attentive to changes in consumer habits and convinced that being open to change is essential to grow and improve, the owners transformed their plant into a modern and efficient site, a balanced mix of innovation creativity and expertise based on Tradition and Quality. The manufacturing sites have became three.